Using Online Slots to Win More Money

Making money in the online slots world isn't just about how much you can make from the games themselves. Indeed, a lot of your EV in a virtual slots setting can be achieved by raking in the myriad of free gifts and bonuses offered by online operators such as Unibet Casino.

Because sites want to reward you for your time at the tables - or slots as the case may be - you can essentially take advantage of this and win more money with a little bit of inside knowledge.

When you look at Unibet's bonus system and loyalty program you'll notice one thing: points count. Drawing on the same mantra as TV game shows across the world (namely: "points mean prizes"), this system essentially operates on the premise that the more you play, the more you can make.

For this reason, online slots such as The Dark Knight Rises, Immortal Romance and Starburst, are perfect platforms to utilise when you want to rake in more free prizes and boost your bankroll.

To ensure you give yourself the greatest earning potential once you've anted-up at your favourite online slot you should always be willing to bet the maximum. By doing this and spinning the reels for an extended amount of time, you'll not only unlock more internal game bonuses but earn yourself a huge amount of player points.

Because online slots require a small starting stake per spin, each game allows you to race through a huge amount of spins per hour. This fact makes them a veritable goldmine when it comes to collecting VIP points and it also means that an avid player can clear bonuses with ease. Moreover, online slots players are more likely to climb to the top of Unibet's VIP system and, thus, gain access to even more free cash.

It’s always nice to dream about hitting an online slots jackpot when you invest your hard earned money but, if you really want to maximise your earning potential then the main thing you should be focusing on is maximising bonuses. This extra cash will have the greatest overall impact on your bankroll and your online gaming experience.

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